• Advance Adapters Transfer Case Clocking Ring - 50-8604

Advance Adapters Transfer Case Clocking Ring - 50-8604

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Brand Advance Adapters
Fits all transmissions that bolt to a Jeep Dana 300;California Residents: WARNING *Includes new input shaft. Since ground clearance is a concern for most vehicles, Advance Adapters has developed a rotation kit to allow the Dana 300 to be clocked at a higher than stock rotation. The kit allows up to four different rotations than stock. The adapter is .75 thick and includes a new longer input shaft for the Dana 300. The kit retains the proper spline engagement and proper indexing for the Dana 300 transfer case. Kit works on all Jeep Dana 300s with a 23 spline input. Will not work with adapter kits that use a 27 or 32 spline input into a Dana 300. Floorboard and shifter modification may be required.
$ 237.99
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