• iSSi Stomp XL Pedals Shiny Black (Limited Edition), One Size

iSSi Stomp XL Pedals Shiny Black (Limited Edition), One Size

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Brand iSSi
From chunky DH laps to pedal-fest trail days, the iSSi Stomp XL Pedals are ready for riders who want massive pedal contact for support all over the mountain. They start out with rugged extruded, 3D machined aluminum for durability, that's anodized and sandblasted to give them a boost in style, and a sleek matte finish. Eleven pins hold your rubber to the platform on each side with serious grip, and an aggressive 2-millimeter concave design helps keep you completely secure when you put down your weight and let your shoes flex into the pedal. The traction pins are flip-able, so you can run with with 5. 4 or 4. 5-millimeters of length to lock into your tread. A large pedaling platform makes these ideal for riders with larger feet who want to charge hard, offering you a massive 120 x 112. 5-millimeter stamp to smash down on when you're cooking it into a lofty gap jump, or hammering up switchbacks.
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