• HornBlasters Conductor's Special 244 Nightmare Edition Train Horn Kit (Black) - HK-S4-244K

HornBlasters Conductor's Special 244 Nightmare Edition Train Horn Kit (Black) - HK-S4-244K

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Brand HornBlasters
High-efficiency & extremely loud;All-inclusive train air horn solution;Stainless steel diaphragms won't rust;Manifold-less design for flexible installation;Heavy duty compressor for faster fills;Max honk time 5-7 seconds;Can be heard from almost 4 miles away;Includes: Shocker S4 Train Horns, 2 Gallon air tank;Viair 444C stealth black compressor;Viair 110/150 with built in relay PSI pressure switch;Remote mountable intake filter assembly, air filter cartridges;10ft of 5/16 & 17ft of 1/2 D.O.T. approved airline;6 ft of 3/8 air line (for intake);18 ft of 12 gauge power wire;1/2 NPT electric solenoid valve;HornBlasters 200 PSI air gauge;Brass NPT fittings kit including safety valve and blow-off;Wiring, plumbing kit, mounting hardware, detailed instructions;Use this product in a safe and responsible manner, minimum distance of 100 ft from others;California Residents: WARNING Powerful, insanely loud, and all in a compact kit: The Conductor's Special 244 Nightmare Edition delivers the performance you need! It features the insanely loud, American-made, Shocker Horns. These horns are ridiculously loud and, more importantly, actually sound like a train! The horns are hand-tuned in the USA to the government mandated train signal chord. Simply put, they sound completely authentic this edition also features a stealth black finish on the 444C. This is the best 150 PSI compact train horn kit currently available. It's designed specifically for smaller vehicles where larger tanks may not fit. The compressor is overpowered (200 PSI capable, constant duty, and powerful!) to ensure the best reliability, and only pulls 19 amps at its peak. At 150 PSI, the Shocker horns are simply ridiculous! This kit does come with the option to add the Tire Inflation Kit to it as well!
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